Measure ASO Impact Over Time with Sensor Tower Keyword Downloads

Our latest update to Keyword Downloads now offers historical data that can empower teams to make key ASO decisions.

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When we released our first version of Keyword Downloads earlier this year, it was the beginning of Sensor Tower's larger commitment to delivering more detailed metrics around App Store Optimization (ASO) strategy. With so many companies now running sophisticated programs to help surface their apps in the App Store or Google Play, the desire from our enterprise customers for even richer data was apparent.

With our latest update to this feature, user acquisition teams will be able to gain more historical context and understand more clearly the way certain keywords are affecting overall app discovery. Here's how our latest version delivers more insight into keyword performance.

Greater Detail in Keyword Downloads

While the first version of Keyword Downloads showed an at-a-glance share of different keywords' effectiveness on overall installs, this update provides for a historical breakdown of keywords over time at both a weekly and monthly granularity.

With this new historical view, users are able to:

  • See the overall impact Tracked Keywords have made on downloads by country and device.

  • Identify which Untracked Keywords have led to increased downloads by country and device.

  • See progression of keywords in both Weekly and Monthly views.

  • For customers with access to both our App Intelligence and Store Intelligence products, see historical breakdowns by absolute downloads.

Overall, with this historical overview, Sensor Tower customers will be able to identify longtail trends in ASO strategy and understand how experimentation has affected the absolute installs of their app or apps. Contextually, customers can also understand how a non-mobile event could affect the app search behavior of mobile users, and how those external events can impact the keywords that lead directly to installs.

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Inform Both ASO and Paid Strategies

In practice, our latest version of Keyword Downloads can improve both the ASO and Paid strategies of User Acquisition campaigns with its granular level of attribution over time. More importantly, it can help inform teams of optimization opportunities that are readily available by suggesting keywords to track based on downloads.

For example, teams may discover that, over time and as their focus on ASO has narrowed, more users are installing an app by way of a term that is more utility focused rather than searching by branded terms. Or, that an outstanding number of downloads is coming from an untracked misspelling of the app's title. Teams may also find that, historically, some tracked keywords have overperformed in certain countries, or that localization might be necessary in order to increase installs in a target region.

From a competitive analysis standpoint, Keyword Downloads can inform companies how their competitors are approaching ASO. For example, Keyword Downloads can show which ASO terms were most effective during a competitor's spike in downloads, and effectively assign a paid campaign against them. Or, a team may see how competitor's keywords have changed over time in order to maintain relevance, and adjust accordingly. Whether customers are interested in rapidly experimenting in ASO, tracking their closest competitors, or modeling after mature companies, Keyword Downloads offers granular metrics to help make sound decisions on user acquisition.

We look forward to delivering even more updates to this feature over the next year, and to honing Sensor Tower's ASO tools to meet the complex needs of mature user acquisition teams.

Sensor Tower's App Intelligence platform is an Enterprise level offering. Interested in learning more?

Sensor Tower's platform is an enterprise-level offering. Interested in learning more?

Lauren Hockenson

Written by: Lauren Hockenson, Product Marketing Manager

Date: March 2020

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