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Inform critical financial decisions with true-to-life insights on the mobile economy

Analyst, NYC-based Hedge Fund ($2bn AUM)

"Sensor Tower’s Consumer Intelligence offers a critical lever for us to make important investment decisions on behalf of our clients, and ensure we’re staying on top of key market-moving trends in mobile."

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Gain unprecedented insight into the performance of the world’s biggest mobile apps

Social networks, hit games, and major media companies are all engaging deeply on mobile, but understanding the global impact of their success can be difficult. Leverage usage and engagement data, powered by Sensor Tower’s robust and insightful proprietary panel, alongside install and revenue estimates to gain an enhanced understanding of a mobile app’s performance across a quarter or year.


See real-life, granular mobile behaviors from key demographics

Segmenting audiences can be a useful way to understand engagement in context -- are apps really resonating with key demographics that position them for market dominance. Create unique cohorts based on app or category engagement, and compare major global apps’ performance within that demographic. Plus, dive deep into demographics to better understand the market of users an app is chasing.

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Measure Performance

Gain clear benchmarks on the performance of mobile companies

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Analyze Audiences

Compare real-life usage data and contextualize engagement

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Articulate Engagement

Drill down into granular mobile engagement at the hourly level

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Understand nuances in daily engagement from the most core users

With the world’s biggest apps already maxing out the number of potential users on mobile, a key engagement vector is an app’s “stickiness.” Break down the patterns of a major app’s most core users to understand the number of sessions and peak usage times and determine how often and how long users are actively engaging. Plus, drill down into the total time spent and map how the most engaged Daily Active Users are spending their time. With these key metrics, your team can stitch together exactly how sticky a successful app really is.

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