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ST App Teardown TOP SDKs

See the SDKs that dominate the mobile economy

From advertising analytics to graphics support, take a look at the SDKs most commonly present across both the App Store and Google Play. See which SDKs are dominant in certain app categories, game subcategories, or revenue thresholds, and how much more overall share they have related to competitors. Plus, determine how apps with a certain SDK have performed worldwide over the past month.

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Identify key SDKs of popular apps

Peek under the hood of the top apps in the App Store and Google Play

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See inside the technologies of top games

Break down the nuanced SDK differences of games by subgenre, and more

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Identify sales opportunities for mobile tech

Uncover apps ready for your mobile SDK

ST App Teardown SDK Detection

Stay ahead of mobile trends

Gain an understanding of important SDK data at-a-glance, such as which technologies an app or publisher is leveraging, how third-party created SDKs handle critical app functions, and whether a designated app or competitor is running up-to-date code. Plus, customers with Game Intelligence can break down nuances in SDK by game subgenre, art style, setting and more.

ST App Teardown SDK Global Field

Overlay SDK data on critical performance metrics

Leverage SDK Global Fields in the dashboard of your choice to layer SDK detection onto other views, such as app growth percentage or Daily Active Users (DAU). Plus, understand business strategies that are otherwise opaque, such as mediated ad impressions. See which SDKs overlap on apps with other elements in common, such as downloads in a specific country or a baseline revenue per download (RPD).

Sensor Tower Blog

Golf Clash Revenue
How The Games Industry M&A Frenzy is Making New Genre Leaders in Mobile

EA was the No. 1 mobile Sports games publisher by revenue in the U.S. over the last 10 months following acquisitions of Glu Mobile and Playdemic, Sensor Tower data shows.

Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Sparks Five Times Player Spending Increase to $150 Million in First Week main image feature
Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Sparks Five Times Player Spending Increase to $150 Million in First Week

Genshin Impact generated an average of $21.6 million per day between September 1 and 7, 2021, Sensor Tower data shows.

Takeaways from Sensor Tower's Q3 Data Digest
Sensor Tower's Q3 2021 Data Digest: Worldwide App Downloads Totaled 35.7 Billion Last Quarter

Sensor Tower's Q3 Store Intelligence Data Digest analyzes the state of the global app ecosystem in Q3 2021.