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Analyze and optimize search strategy with ASO

Despite an increased focus on paid acquisition, 60% of app downloads still result from paid search. App Intelligence accurately measures the success of your organic user acquisition strategy — and those of your competitors. Understand which keywords are driving downloads, and explore potential keywords to boost your search campaigns. Plus, analyze the performance of competitors’ keywords and identify new opportunities, including localization and similar keywords.

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Carve out your niche in noisy mobile app stores

Leverage ASO data to differentiate your app and attract organic installs 

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Assess emerging trends and optimize organic reach

From screenshots to descriptions, easily streamline your app store strategy

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Monitor shifts in competitor app updates and promotions

Understand how competitor product updates affect download growth

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Zoom in to the elements of a successful app

Receive critical mobile performance data at-a-glance with App Profiles, which allows you to view data at the app level in both the App Store and Google Play. Review recent revenue and download data, and dive into user sentiment, feedback, and update histories. Plus, view Featured App rankings to see when apps are highlighted in-store, and annotations that deliver context around the changes.

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Gain a comprehensive picture of your app’s performance

Connecting your app to App Intelligence unlocks a powerful configurable dashboard for your team to monitor your mobile performance across the App Store and Google Play. With Sales Metrics and App Analytics, you can gain a thorough understanding of your app’s user installs by country, publisher, and device. Plus, synthesize key metrics such as App Store and Google Play Store views, installations, in-app purchases and sessions.

Sensor Tower Blog

Sensor Tower's new report on App Store download sources found that search bounced back to account for 59 percent of worldwide installs in 2020.
Nearly 60% of Global App Store Downloads Now Come from Search

Sensor Tower data reveals that 59 percent of App Store downloads came from search in 2020.

Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Sparks Five Times Player Spending Increase to $150 Million in First Week main image feature
Genshin Impact Version 2.1 Sparks Five Times Player Spending Increase to $150 Million in First Week

Genshin Impact generated an average of $21.6 million per day between September 1 and 7, 2021, Sensor Tower data shows.

The top 100 subscription apps worldwide earned $13 billion in 2020
Consumer Spending in Top 100 Subscription Apps Climbed 34% to $13 Billion in 2020

The top 100 subscription apps earned $13 billion globally in revenue, according to Sensor Tower data.