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...and accomplishing all this by harnessing the power of community unity!
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Growing Support in Difficult Times
At the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 Benjamin Franklin exhorted his fellow revolutionaries, “We must all hang together, gentlemen, else we shall most assuredly hang separately.” That call to unity trumpeted at Independence Hall in Philadelphia is resounding with a modern twist at the Skokie office of the Kehillah Jewish Education Fund. Read on...

The Kehillah Jewish Education Fund (KJEF) of Chicago  now has
over 1450 members and contributes an approximate $600,000 per year to our
Jewish Day Schools!

what's new
what's new

Video Interview With Nesanel Siegal , Executive Director of The Kehillah Fund. Mr. Siegal shares his thoughts and goals with Rabbi Doug in this recorded chat.
Watch the video...!

what's new
what's new
Kehillah Special Education Fund(KeSEF)
A special fund has
been set up to give
additional help to
Gesher HaTorah,
P'tach, & Keshet.
what's new